I can pretty much sum up Monday in one word – shopping. We left Jennifer’s house around 12. I spent the morning blogging, having Kate do my hair at her insistence, and watching Peyton (home sick from school) play Wii and Lego Star Wars. We didn’t have many plans for the day, so we went to the new mall.

Kate\'s Statue

It’s one of the stylish new outdoor malls – built like an outlet mall, but without the discounts. They didn’t have a whole bunch of stores in yet, and most of the ones they did have had only been open for 3 weeks. My mom did spend almost $200 in one store, and Kate and I had fun with the bronze children statues everywhere. (The rest of these pictures are from Juliette…I didn’t take too many pictures while shopping.)

Trio Walking

We spent a few hours driving around randomly, and then headed back to my Aunt’s. We had stopped again at Ingles for dinner supplies – my mom finally realizing how much it’d be to eat out for every meal. When we got back, we cooked spaghetti and watched television.


The next day was very nearly a repeat from Monday. We were supposed to go the Mart – a gift Mart generally meant for retail suppliers, but my aunt has an in. But there was a trade show going on, which we weren’t allowed to crash. So we did the next best thing. Took my Aunt Elaine to the same mall we’d visited the day before.

Frank\'s Grave

We one-upped this by going on to the outlet malls north of Forsyth. Again, my mom went a little crazy, while I just picked up a shirt and an $8 oversized sweatshirt from Old Navy. My aunt had a heyday looking at everything, and Kate and I covered one end of the outlet mall to the other; barely making it before they closed.

Omega Flour

My aunt insisted we go to Walmart on the way home, and my mom was shocked and awed to see our first drive through Package (liquor) store. Something…I kind of wish we had here but at the same time am glad we don’t. It’s a dichotomy of feelings.

Whistle Stop Cafe

We called in a reckless driver on the way home, which was kind of exciting. My aunt is a 9-1-1 dispatcher, so she has some ins with the police department. Then – we had to pack up to leave for Savannah the next morning, as well as scrounge up some dinner and manage to fall asleep somewhat early. Yeah, that didn’t so much happen.