Who wrote this book and when?
Jules Verne first published this book in 1873.

Has there been a film version?
Several, as well as some tv mini-series, and a documentary about a real man traveling around the world in 80 days.

Who are the important characters?
Phileas Fogg – a London gentleman who is very even-keeled, makes a wager of 20,000 pounds that he can travel around the world in 80 days
Passepartout – Mr. Fogg’s valet, a Frenchman who was an acrobat amongst other things before beginning work for Mr. Fogg
Fix – a detective keeping track of Mr. Fogg, believing him to be a criminal
Aouda – a beautiful Indian girl

What’s it about?
In London, Phileas Fogg has made a bet with his whist-playing friends that he can travel around the world in 80 days. The next morning, he and his new valet – Passeportout – begin their journey. Around the same time the bet is taking place, a theft of 55,000 pounds occurs at the Bank of England. The description of the thief resembles Mr. Fogg, and through most of his journey he is dogged by a Scotland Yard detective named Fix.

Why is this book a classic/bestseller?
It’s by Jules Verne, who is a well-known classics author.

Do I recommend you read this book?
I would recommend other Jules Verne books above this one, to be honest.

How did this book make my list?
I saw it at the library.

Has it won any awards?

Favorite quotes:

Anything else?
Although the idea of Mr. Fogg traveling in a hot-air balloon has become iconic in relation to this story – they never actually use a hot-air balloon. Mr. Fogg deems it too risky to travel in.

Personal thoughts:
I was a little disappointed with this book. It contained mostly facts about the route Mr. Fogg took during his journey; mileage travelled, lists of cities passed through, times and amounts ahead or behind in their pursuit of the ultimate goal. This isn’t to say there wasn’t a story. Occasionally, Mr. Fogg would have enough time in one place to have a bit of an adventure, but more likely it was Passepartout who found himself in trouble and in a big need to get out of it. Aouda and Detective Fix were merely side characters who I didn’t really develop much interest in. I felt as if they were there in an attempt to make the story more interesting, but the first premise (the journey) was a great deal bigger than anything they could bring to the plot that they were a little superfluous.