My mother at first demanded we leave Forsyth at six am, in order to get in line at “The Lady and Sons” restaurant for reservations for dinner. Needless to say, we successfully talked her out of it. Instead, we left around 10 am for Savannah. We didn’t stop once – which was a coup for us.

At the Atlantic

We arrived at our hotel (right next to the military airport) too early to check in, so we threw all our luggage back in the car and forayed into downtown Savannah to find somewhere to eat lunch. After driving around for *seriously* 45 minutes looking for a parking spot, my mother finally swerved into a parking garage and we parked on the next to last floor to the top. Lunch was from the Blue Moon Brewery – a historic building that used to be the Post Office (among other things) in Savannah. It’s also supposed to be the residence of several ghosts. Since we planned to eat an early dinner on the beach (hah!) we had mostly light fare, although my mom ordered a beer that was probably the nastiest thing she’d ever tasted. It was freshly tapped, so it was completely yeasty.

Girls at the Beach

Then we did what my mother and sister like to do best. We shopped. More. We walked all over downtown and went in every shop imaginable. From a shop that carries only Parisian goods to a hippie store named “Loose Lucy’s” – where I found a broad selection of size 14 men’s flip flops, something very rare up here in Washington. Jason now sports a pair from Loose Lucy’s… My mother also completely embarrassed herself by asking the store clerk where a good place to watch the sunset on the beach was. He looked at her a little strange and said “Oregon.”

Feet in the Sea

We also went by “The Lady and Sons” which, of course, had no reservations for that day. So we went into the next door gift shop and perused all the Paula Deen approved kitchen ware, the coffee, the signed cookbooks, the sauces and rubs, and everything else. This is where we received the bad news. Apparently, you need to be at the restaurant at 6 am in the morning to get in line for the maybe 10 spots for dinner and 10 spots for lunch that the restaurant has for the day. They don’t begin to take reservations until 9:30 am, and if you wait until then to show up, you’re out of luck. There are so many tour buses that come through Savannah with reserved seats in the restaurant for certain times that it’s nearly impossible to get a meal there if you aren’t with a group. So we said “Screw that” and decided to just forage for ourselves when it came to meals.

Marlin Monroe\'s

After covering one end of Brougham to the other, we headed out to the coast – Tybee Island. We went with the recommendation of the Loose Lucy’s guy and went to a restaurant named “Marlin Monroe’s” for dinner. We sat out on the deck, which had a ramp down to the beach, and watched the sun not set in the East. I had the best fish tacos I’ve ever tasted in my life and then we ventured out into the sand.

Kate at the Beach

It’s true what they say, the Atlantic is a lot warmer than the Pacific. However, I’ll take our Oregon and Washington beaches any day in terms of scenery. All there was to see was sand and shells and grass, which we have over here. However, this doesn’t mean I don’t want to go back someday.