After eating dinner on the beach and running around in the sand and Atlantic Ocean, we headed back to the car, dusted off the sand, and drove around Tybee Island to look at the sights. I’ve pretty much decided it’d be a great place to take a vacation, although possibly a bit on the spendy side. It’s close enough to Savannah that you would be able to go take in some city sights one day, in case you got tired of the ocean.

Little Gators

On the way back, we saw a sign for The Crab Shack – a restaurant which features live alligators in a lagoon and a little aviary with tropical birds. Of course, we had to stop. For four dollars, you could buy alligator treats and feed the gators. Each treat was worth about four feedings – so it was a pretty good deal.

Big ol Gator

The only problem was, these gators were probably the best-fed animals on the planet. They’re assured food whenever they want most of the time. You broke your “treat” into a small piece, stuck it in between two tines of a bobby pin, which was affixed to a bamboo pole, and then went fishing for a baby gator. Also, there were about fifty kids running around trying to get these suckers to eat. The girl in the pink in front of Kate threw a hissy fit when she thought Kate stole her spot. I thought the kid was going to explode, seriously.

Scary Gator Girl

We actually managed to find a deserted area with a little alligator who was willing to humor us and eat a bit of gator treat – so we did get to feed a gator. Of course, as soon as the child horde realized we had a willing gator, we were mobbed. So we gave the rest of our gator treats to some girls who were looking forlornly at all the other kids fishing for gators while being gator treat-less. Then we drove back to Savannah.

El Cat Shack

This time, we did manage to get checked into our hotel room, but once again we didn’t take our stuff up. We’d decided to go for ice cream. Then we spent 1/2 an hour looking for an ice cream joint named Chilli Vanilli’s or something like that which our GPS insisted was only a few blocks from our hotel on Abercorn, but the real world insisted had gone out of business or was in an entirely different location.


Finally, Kate relinquished her desire for Vanilli’s and plugged in another ice cream shop location. Which took us straight back downtown. Right where my mom insisted she didn’t want to go again. Fortunately for us, parking was much less scarce. Unfortunately for us, there were approximately fifty thousand million Girl Scouts running around downtown Savannah (Juliette Low, the founder of Girl Scouts lived in Savannah and founded it there). So we stood in line forever waiting for our ice cream. Then while eating, we found out the shop is owned by a Hollywood producer. The same guy who produced MI3(?) and several other action movies. I could feel the jealousy vibes from Jason in Richland all the way in Savannah.