Since we didn’t have to get up at the buttcrack of dawn in order to go make reservations for “The Lady and Sons” restaurant, we were leisurely in getting up.  I didn’t crawl out of bed until 6 am.  Yep, six-freaking-am.  That would be…um…three am your time.  My mom’s snoring kept me up most of the night.  We took advantage of the continental breakfast, packed up, and ventured forth.


Our first stop was the World Market near our motel.  I found tons of treasures there.  Dutch stroopwafels (caramel wafer cookies), Lion Bars, elephant knicknacks, and really inexpensive flatware that I didn’t purchase because I didn’t have room in my suitcase as it was.  We then hit up Old Navy for some $5 flip-flops, since neither Kate nor I had any along and it had been in the 80’s.  Brunch was from Panera Bread, which they have in Portland and probably Seattle, too – so if you see one, be sure to stop in.  We had soups, salads, bread of course.  And Kate displayed her devotion to vegetarianism by not getting anything with any vague meat product in it at all – and eating Peanut Butter and Jelly.  Figures.

Mom picking strawberries

Then was the drive back towards the center of the state of Georgia.  We took the roundabout way, of course, since my mother has a severe distrust of GPS systems and must change the route often to keep them on their virtual toes.  Or something.  The entire way home, Kate was insisting we stop and pick some strawberries, and we were insisting on not.  But of course, Kate won out and we found a strawberry patch near the air base that let you pick strawberries for around $2.00 a pound.  We picked eight pounds.

Kate\'s bucked o\'berries

Then we drove back to our cousins’ house in Macon.  Dinner was a bit more low-key, since the kids were used to us by now.  They were ecstatic that we brought them strawberries and that we were going to have strawberry shortcake and ice cream for dessert.  Of course, we played Wii again – Wii sports and Lego star wars.

Kate, Griffin, and the Strawberries

Peyton and Thomas were highly enthralled with my black and red DS Lite – especially the pictochat option (kind of like a mixture between Paint and IM).  They hid in their bedroom and wrote to me while I was in the living room.  And were highly amused.  Griffin was all about the strawberries.  He ate maybe a pound all by himself through the course of the evening, and asked if we could leave them with him.

Griffin the Train Man

Kate was then roped into playing “trains” with Griffin for a while, and I uploaded pictures onto my laptop and chatted with my cousin, her husband, and my mom like a real grownup.  Then we took some pictures and left to return to my aunt’s house.  We had a few hours to repack and relax before going to bed.  Kate cut about two inches off of my hair for me, and then we tried to have some semblance of packing to go to Charlotte the next day.  We were going to visit some of my mom’s friends, and along the way we were going to stop at that mysterious place known as The Mart.