I don’t have a plethora of pictures for this day, since most of it was spent on the road.  So you’ll just have to settle for pictures of my cousin’s kids again.  Sorry.  I also realized you may want names with faces:  The green shirt is Thomas, the smallest who is falling off the couch is Griffin, and the one with the jack-o-lantern smile is Peyton.  Cutest boys!

Us Kids

We were *supposed* to be on the road by 8am (hah!)  but considering Kate and my aunt were involved, things took considerably longer.  Not that I’m complaining because I had more time to sleep.  We piled into the car and headed for Atlanta to shop at the Mart.  Basically – this is a gift center for retailers to purchase things from suppliers to resell in their own establishments.  You either have to have a retailer tax code to get in, or know someone who actually has a shop there in order to get permission to come in and shop.  My aunt knows everyone and their brother, so we managed to get in around 11 am.

Playing Trains

We then proceeded to shop for three (THREE!!!) hours.  Most of which was Kate and I sitting on a bench waiting for my mom and aunt as they perused the wares.  We didn’t buy much of anything, although there were some very adorable purses there.  However, it is a big trend in the south to have your initials monogrammed on everything you own and I don’t particularly care for that – so I passed.

Anne\'s yard

After the Mart, we drove to Charlotte to stay with the sister of my mom’s college room mate (didja get that?). We stopped at Cracker Barrel so Kate could enjoy the CB experience before heading on to Anne’s house.  She has a beautiful house which I would kill to own – or any of the houses around it.  They almost all have lovely gardens (the above photo is Anne’s), sweeping porches, huge trees and hardwood floors.  I was instantly disappointed in our own house until I found out most of the houses started at $500,000.  Yikes!  I got a room all to myself since I had reach maximum exhaustion status by this point and my mom wanted me to get a good night’s sleep.  The day ended with a bit of the movie Ben Hur and cheese and crackers and a cracking good thunderstorm.