Many, many of you have been requesting photographs of our new house, so I’m here to indulge you – kind of.  These are pictures we took the day after closing on the house, before we had done any cleaning at all or any painting (of which we have now done a little).  Painting, I mean.  We took a week to deep clean this house before we did anything else since it was previously a rental home and in kind of depraved condition, cleanliness wise.  So, hopefully by the end of the summer or mid-fall, depending on our summer activities, we will be able to get the rest of the house painted and such and I will post the “after” pictures.  Hopefully, most of you will have been guests at our house by then, as well, so you won’t need photos.  😀

Here’s the exterior:

House Exterior

Yes, it is a manufactured home, although they are building another one down the street and we can’t figure out exactly what makes it a manufactured home since it appears they build them exactly the same way we’ve seen other houses built.  Also, you can see our approximately 15 square feet of front lawn.  It’s a bit larger in the back yard, but we’re okay with its smallness.  And that we have neighbor boys we can pay $10 to mow and weedwhack.

When you walk into the house, this is what you see:


The door to the right with the slats leads to our laundry room, which I do not have a photo of.  It has room for the w/d, obviously, several cupboards, and a utility sink.  Directly to the left is the hallway to the two extra bedrooms and the second bath:


At the end of the hall is the bigger of the two extra bedrooms, which we’re using for a guest bedroom.  It looks out on to the street (and is the big window in the shot of the front of the house).

Guest room

See the kitty food on the floor?  At least it never smelled like cat pee!  This room is actually fairly large, possibly as large as our living room area in our apartment.  Here’s the second bathroom, which is the one we opted to decorate with our British stuff and is the room nearest to completion, decor wise.  It just needs to have the towel bar replaced and the toilet paper holder fixed:

Guest Bath

There’s a small linen closet between the bathroom and the third bedroom – which we’ve converted into an office with four bookshelves and our solid oak desk.  I use it most of the time, since I spend most of the time at home and am in charge of doing the budget and writing checks to pay bills.  It also houses the cat boxes – a strong motivation to keep them clean!


This is a shot of the kitchen/dining area from the living room.  Despite the fact that we have no dining room table set, we are still planning on using this as an eating area and are trying to keep it cleared out.  The purple splotchy wall is now gone – we have painted it, and the funky ledge thing along the kitchen island a cocoa brown color, as well as the ledge in the walkway.


My kitchen is probably eight times bigger than our apartment kitchen was and I have so many cupboards I can’t fill them all.  Which I am okay with and I’m sure will change.  I have a raised stove, which you can see, and a ceramic cooktop.  The two downers in the kitchen are that the garbage disposal doesn’t work, which we need to fix and can’t afford to right now, and that the microwave is nothing but a glorified timer for the stove.  It works in every way except that it doesn’t heat things.  So for now, we’re using our old microwave on the counter by the sink where it’s mostly out of the way.  That green thing is one of the things now cocoa brown, and yes, those are skylights.  We have five skylights in our house, which rocks.  One in the laundry room, one in the second bath, and three in the kitchen.  We nearly never use our interior lighting.


Here’s a shot of the living room from the kitchen.  It isn’t that good, but I think that’s because Jason didn’t want to include the three foot wide bleach stain in the carpet of the living room.  We don’t know exactly what the renters did, just that they weren’t very smart about cleaning it up.  We hope to eventually replace all the flooring in the dining area, kitchen, and living room with some kind of laminate or bamboo.  Also, you can see the very corner of our enormous tumbleweed pile along our back fence.

Living Room

Here is a shot of the master bedroom.  There’s a walk in closet.  Um…yeah…all I can think of to say about that?

Master bedroom

This is the only shot of the master bath that I have.  This is our tub.  There’s also a linen closet, a shower with massage shower head (yay!), double vanity sinks, and obviously, a toilet.

bathtub master

Finally, here’s a shot of our garage.  It’s accessed through the laundry room and is the only part of the house which the owner fixed up before selling.  It’s had the entire interior repainted, shelves installed, and lighting installed.  It’s pretty nice and very helpful considering the temperature has already broken 100 degrees around here and there’s also been rain.  We also have an underground sprinkler system for our miniscule lawn – hah!


So there you have it.  We love it, despite the fact we’ve had to buy more light bulbs in one go than I ever thought possible and tons of paint and are nowhere near getting it to where we want it.  But that’s part of the fun, right?