We woke up in our hotel and engaged in yet another complimentary breakfast buffet. Surprisingly – most of the hotels had a variety of provisions when it came to breakfast. This last one has the wonderful belgian waffle iron that I remember from Saturday mornings at college. We packed and ate and waited for my aunt to get ready. Then we headed out towards MIckey’s house again to say goodbye. This is Mickey, my Aunt Elaine, and my mom:


We also loaded up on Cheerwine. Cheerwine is possibly one of my favorite sodas – and I don’t like that many. In fact, I can only think of three others – Sprite, Root Beer, and Dr. Pepper. Cheerwine is a cherry flavored (and unfortunately caffeinated) soda produced only in North Carolina, although a few other Pepsi plants have started bottling it around the east. You can get it everywhere down south if you look hard enough – and I love it. Our hotel had it for free, plus we picked up 12 bottles at Wal-mart to bring back in our suitcases – hee! If you ever get a chance, try it.


Then was the long drive back to Georgia. Eight hours, I think. We drove back the back route, with my mom constantly glaring at the GPS and asking me if we were going the right direction and if I thought the GPS knew what it was doing. Um, because I have lived in the South all my life…or not. We arrived back at my cousin’s house around 7 or 8 ish and ate some hamburgers, played some more Guitar Hero, and took some more pictures.

Greg and Jennifer

When we left, Griffin wanted to come with us and live with Katie. When told no, tears ensued. We drove home to my Aunt’s, started packing, bemoaned packing and our small suitcases, and went to bed.

Griffin the Guitar Hero

The next morning was full of more packing, then driving to the Atlanta airport. My mom’s luggage was four pounds too heavy for regulations, so we had to throw away her shampoo and conditioner, and find ways to stuff seven bags of pecans in various other carry-ons. I’m sure we looked ridiculous. Then we grabbed some lunch before Kate’s flight left two hours before ours.

The McKinneys

Our flight landed in Pasco a little early, we picked up our luggage, met our family and came home. Are surprised I actually finished posting this? I am, too. Lastly, here is a better picture of my cousin Jason with my mom:

Mom and Jason