Who wrote this book and when?
Jim Butcher published this in 2004.

Has there been a film version?
No – and this plotline wasn’t covered in the brief television series.

Who are the important characters?
Harry Dresden – a wizard for hire
Karrin Murphy – a detective/police officer for the Chicago PD, specializes in wierd cases
Thomas Raith – a vampire of the White court, hires Harry to help his friend
Ebenezer McCoy – Harry’s former teacher, a wizard on the Senior Council
Justine – Thomas’ partner and food supply
Lara Raith – Thomas’ older sister, a succubus and former adult film star
Mavra – the leader of a court of black vampires
Kincaid – a gun for hire who Harry…hires
Arturo Genosa – the adult film producer who Harry is hired to protect

What is it about?
Harry is already dealing with a Black court vampire queen who wants him very very dead, when the snarky Thomas Raith shows up to hire him. Not only to hire him, but hire him to protect an adult film producer. Harry is sure something more is going on than Thomas has told him, especially when he gets a whiff of the powerful entropy curse hanging around the adult film set which is killing off all the women close to the producer. By the time Harry has tackled Mavra the Black Queen, the entropy curse, and nearly the entire Raith family, his life will be changed forever.

Why is this book a bestseller/classic?
It’s part of a series which has been a best-selling series for almost ten years.

Do I recommend you read this book?
If you enjoyed the television series, or previous books in the series, yes. And if you haven’t started it yet and liked the TV show, definitely start it.

How did this book make my list?
See the previous two questions.

Has it won any awards?

Favorite quotes:
“The future abruptly seemed like a fairly unpleasant place for professional wizards.” – p 80

Anything else?
Kudos to my brother-in-law for letting me borrow this and the next book in this series. Our library took their copy out to send to mending and it hasn’t come back. That was in February-ish.

Personal thoughts:
I love this series. Although each time I start another book in it, it takes me a few chapters to get going, I never regret picking it up. Harry is a character that you can’t help but relate to and love. Everyone has felt like an underdog at some point during their life and Harry’s constant position as underdog will garner sympathy with any reader, whether they enjoy the fantasy genre or not.

That being said, this book seems a bit meandering at times. With both the vampire plots going on, one with the Black Court and one with Thomas – things can get a bit bogged down. Especially when you throw in the stuff that happens with relationships in this story. There are moments when you aren’t sure which case Harry is pursuing and wish things were a bit more clear. That, however, is a personal preference of mine and in no way detracts from the entertainment value of this story.