My favorite holiday is at the tail end of this week.  To me, nothing better represents the American way of approaching life more than eating more than is healthy for you and blowing things up for no reason.  Oh, and family and independence, and all that, right?

My activities the past two weeks have been mostly home-bound.  I tackled painting the office, since it looked like if I didn’t get going soon, then we wouldn’t have any painting going on for an exceedingly long time.  We’d be surrounded by spackle and crayon adorned walls.  I finished up on Sunday afternoon – we forgot to set our alarm and were therefore naughty church-skippers.  Now I just need to find a curtain rod for the adorable curtains I found at Ikea a few weeks ago and the room will be done.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to try and paint the living/dining/kitchen area next or the guest room.  With either option, I will have to buy more paint, since I am down to a gallon and a half.  I will also need to purchase a new paint sponge.  I placed the one I had outside to dry in the 100+ degree heat and forgot about it until after the ginormous windstorm we had the other night.  Oops.

I’ve also been baking a bit.  And trying to get a little more varied in our dinner menu – not just stroganoff, pasta, chicken and rice, and the occasional steak or hamburger.  Sometime this week we’re going to eat my first attempt at fish tacos…mainly because they’re my new favorite food.  I baked some chocolate zucchini bread which turned out amazing, and I’m going to try and bake a few dozen cake mix cookies to take to my in-laws this weekend for the Fourth.

Yep, once again we’re heading over the hills to Tacoma.  Most of our friends will either be out of town or with family for the holiday, so we’re going over on Thursday night and then driving up to the reservation on Friday morning to pick up some heavy duty fireworks to set off on the wetter side of the state.  Last time we were there, we blew up a watermelon – very spectacularly, I might add – and got into general mayhem trouble with small explosives.