This past week was a little heinously crazy, what with the art show and family visiting from out of town.  We all survived however, and overall it was a lovely (though exhausting) time.  Two weeks ago, I painted a big splotch on the guest room wall just to use up some of the leftover paint in the tray I had from painting part of the entryway (still not finished).  When my sister-in-law called last week to let me know they were coming to visit, I panicked.  She’s going to school to be an interior designer, and chances are it would be her and not my brother-in-law staying in the guest room.  Do you remember what it looked like?

I frantically painted all day on Wednesday, covering the splotch up and putting the first coat on that hideous blue wall.  I also spent about 45 minutes taping all the sills, doorways, ceiling, etc.  I spent most of Thursday painting as well, at least until I had to go down to the park to set up for Art in the Park.  I finished putting it together Thursday night after I got home, and Jason was nice enough to vacuum for me before Amy and Scott showed up on Friday afternoon.  Here’s what it looks like now:

It still needs a few touches, like some curtains and a rug, but those are small things and for now I’m content to say it’s done.