I know that this post will probably soon be obliterated in my mass book reviewing from vacation, but I wanted to at least make an attempt to keep my few blog readers updated.

We got back from vacation a little more than a week ago, just a bit more tan and a lot more tired. I spent 10 days in the sun, out on the boats, and even went fishing (which you’d know if you follow my twitter). I tried wakeboarding (to no avail), met the significant others of my brother in law and sister in law, played many board games, and slept on an air mattress for an unacceptable amount of time. I would show you pictures, but uh…I didn’t really take any. Jason took some, but with REAL film instead of digital; so you’ll have to wait until we develop them, scan them, upload them, etc…I wouldn’t hold your breath.

However, this is not the reason I’m blogging. Remember how I told you that adoption thing was all settled? Well, I’ve been made to be a liar. For reasons I’m not going to disclose on this very public forum, the baby has once again been taken out of his “permanent” home and is up for adoption. Again. And once again we’re back in the running. Based on our past experiences, we aren’t very optimistic about our chances, but we told God that as long as there were doors open we’d keep walking forward.

There’s one less candidate for consideration – all that’s left is the maternal grandmother (the one who got us into this), the previous and non-blood related adoptive family, and us. We aren’t sure what the social services system is thinking at this point – we thought the grandmother had already been disqualified (apparently not), and they have a legal document stating every blood relative has to be checked out before placing the child with another family. But the case has been drawn out so long, we can very much see a judge placing the baby back with the adoptive family simply for time’s sake, since we live in WA and not CA.

All that to say, we really would like closure on this once and for all…so prayer is much appreciated.

Aside from all this, I promise the onslaught of book reviews will peter out soon. Then it’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming.