Oh how I wish it were fall.  The time seems right, it’s September and nearly halfway through the month. Unfortunately, the weather in this desert doesn’t seem to be cooperating.  We’ve been hovering in the upper 80’s for the better part of two weeks and this week we are rising into the 90’s with a possible foray into the triple digits.  I’m not sure what’s going on here – are you?

This weather is violently opposing my housekeeping instincts.  I want to throw the windows open to air out our home before it gets too late in the year to do such things, but it’s too hot.  I’ve been hoarding vegetables and unconsciously picking up cans of vegetable and chicken stock when I see it on sale at the store – with thoughts of hearty soups and stews flitting through my mind.  And I’ve been jealously reading a slew of blogs from writers in Canada and the New England area who are donning sweaters and tackling such wonders such as Butternut squash soup and stews.

It doesn’t help that our stove is currently broken.  We still have a stove top, a crockpot, a grill, and a microwave – so we are in no danger of not being able to fend for ourselves.  But this lack of an oven is putting a large damper on my plans.  I am fighting urges to bake while I still can – with surgery coming up I’ll be banned from using our shoulder height oven for six weeks afterwards.  I want to mix up some banana bread, or pumpkin, or zucchini, or even just plain old wheat.  But the dough would sit there for at least a week while we wait for parts and then motivate ourselves to pull the entire stove unit from the wall and replace the tiny piece in the back.  Just the one part stopping us from celebrating the most wonderful of seasons – the heating element.