To tell the truth, I only read this book so I could finish out the series. It’s common knowledge that most Christian fiction is predictable in its plotlines – especially romantically. I knew how most things in this series were going to pan out, it was the particulars that wasn’t fixed on.

This final book in the trilogy focuses mainly on Annie and Ben as they try to honor Annie’s father’s wish for them to stay separate and Annie struggles with not being able to paint. Annie has promised her father to stay away from painting for six months to follow traditional Amish rules. She still hasn’t joined the Amish church, and has no intentions to now that Ben is in the picture.

Meanwhile, Esther is still under the shun and trying to reconcile her new faith with her Amish upbringing. Zeke is in jail, having admitted to murdering his little brother many years ago, and is now mentally unstable.

Louisa is back in Colorado, once again being pursued by her former fiance and dealing with her questions about God, life, and what she really wants.

This book has a simple and predictable story, but nonetheless powerful and entertaining. It rounds out the series well, following the others previous to it with honesty and straightforwardness.

This book was published in 2006 by Beverly Lewis.