Maybe it has something to do with being a transitional season, but fall brings out similar qualities in me that spring does. I feel the strong need to clean – vacuuming and washing down windows and mirrors, airing out rugs and even fighting the urge to wipe down baseboards.

Unfortunately, there’s still much to be done in this house in terms of whipping into shape.  A large portion of the living room and entryway still needs to be painted.  Well, now that I think about it – that’s pretty much it.  But that’s still a lot to do, if you’ve seen the size of the walls in our living room and entryway.  I can’t reach the top of them on the stepladder, something which has proven a legitimate excuse not to finish painting.  I am determined to finish it before my in-laws come to take care of me post heart surgery in a few weeks – which leaves me not much time to accomplish this.

Fall also brings other aspects of a homemaker out in me.  It’s time for stews and pies, cookies and roasted vegetables. Unfortunately, our oven is still broken. So I’m utilizing the slow cooker to try and satiate our craving for fall foods with simply stews and soups, accompanied by toast instead of rolls and breadsticks.  But trust me, as soon as we get that stupid oven fixed, there is going to be a monster batch of molasses cookies.  Along with some bread, and possibly a pie.  Or two.

For now, however, I’m settling myself with the cleaning side of this odd autumnal change.  It’s a struggle, considering we’re entering the first cold snap – which always causes a war of sorts within my body.  My heart seems to rebel a little stronger every year, as the heat starts to leave us, my strength and energy follow along – the pied piper taking them dancing away among the fallen leaves.