The painting projects in our new house seemed interminable to me when we moved in during May.  My first goal was to get rid of the purple wall in the dining room – which happened before we had any boxes transferred.  And then I got rid of the green accents in the entryway and kitchen.

Then we stalled a bit.  We had to move all of our crap belongings and get situated.  Then there was the joy of finding places for everything and putting everything in its place.  Then we rested.  It was starting on summer and moving things so we could maneuver around the house easily and find things in the 90 degree heat took everything out of us.  Plus we had trips to go on and work to attend to outside of our home.

I tackled the office next, since it’s where I spend the most time in the mornings.  The random crayon marks and paint splatters on the wall weren’t conducive to making me happy in that tenuous time of day.  So now it’s the neutral tan we picked out for the majority of the areas in the house.  I will post pictures as soon as I get a curtain rod to put up my IKEA sale curtains…before and after thing, you know.

We painted the hallway to the bathroom and the guest room, which seemed quick and easy, and then the pillars in the kitchen.  On a whim to use up the rest of the paint in my pan, I painted an enormous splotch in the guest room, which also boasted a fantastically dark navy blue wall.  *blech*.  Soon after, I found out we were having guests, one of whom was an interior decorating major.  So I frantically painted the guest room (there’s still painter’s tape along the ceiling).  And I did post pictures of that, thank you very much.

Finally, the thought of impending surgery has pushed me to finish the painting we started way back in May.  I covered the entryway doorways in blue tape and had my grumbly husband tape along the ceilings since I’m decidedly too short to reach on the step-ladder.  I painted by the front door.  I painted in the entryway.  Yesterday, I painted near the bedroom and the wall with the huge windows.  Now – there’s only one wall left.

This wall is…enormous.  It’s a beast.  It is the Kraken of our home.  If our house had a Green Monster, this would be it.  Only it’s white, so it’d be the White Monster.  That’s kind of racist to say though, so just think about the Green Monster.  This wall makes me falter in my intentions to paint everything before I go under the knife.  It doesn’t help that I’m down to a third to a quarter gallon of paint, which I’m pretty sure is not going to cover the beast.  And I know that once I start painting it, I’m going to want to finish that sucker in one day and not have to go back to it.

So we’re taking a break.  Tonight we’ll go buy another gallon of paint.  I’m hoping.  And I’ll guilt-trip my husband into climbing the ladder again and taping the ceiling.  And then maybe…maybe tomorrow we can cross that finish line which is so close.

Then we’ll talk about painting the bedroom.