If you’ve been following our tweets, you’ll know that Jason and I are now home from Sacred Heart and my implant is in and working like a charm.  We know this because it has already had to pace my heart once, although for atrial flutter and not the uber-dangerous ventricular variety.

As Jason tweeted, the surgery took an hour and a half longer than they expected it to.  I also was admitted an hour and a half earlier than scheduled, so things worked out.  I was under anesthesia by 11 am and didn’t wake up and go to my room until 4:30.  Quite a short day for me.  🙂  I guess the length of the surgery was extended because they had a few issues getting one of the leads into my atrium through the baffle from my previous heart surgeries.  (My blood is rerouted in my heart).  Also, one of the leads kept setting off the electrical system of my diaphragm, so I kept getting the hiccups during surgery.  Usually, a non-beneficial thing.

But I came through with my usual flair and was once again the youngest person on my floor of the unit by nearly 20 years.  The pacemaker was working fine but they weren’t sure there was enough slack in the atrial lead to account for gravity and settling in my muscles as I heal.  So they held me an extra day to do another chest x-ray yesterday morning and make sure there was no more southerly movement in my chest – that could indicate the lead might get ripped out.  That, my friends, would be bad.  But God is good and kept the lead exactly where it was supposed to be.  So now, I’m home and as you can probably tell by the tone of this blog, on some prescription painkillers.  I’m actually not in a lot of pain, but more discomfort and my body still freaking out from being cut open and fiddled with.  Also, because I’m so young, the surgeons opted to place the pacemaker underneath my pec muscle instead of just under the skin, as they would do in someone who is elderly.  This, from what I understand, is mostly a cosmetic decision…which I didn’t even think about but it’s nice that someone did for me.  🙂

I appreciate all of your prayers and understanding as I’m still recovering.  I have an appointment in Spokane next Thursday with my cardiologist and hopefully will get the okay as far as how my recovery is going.  If you think about it, pray for my cardiologist, Dr Anderson, as well.  He was in a hiking accident on Mt Rainier in July and is still recovering from a smashed jaw and cannot eat solid foods.  But here he is, still taking care of patients like me.  Thank you again!  Oh…and when I can find our camera cord, I will publish a pic of my incision for all of you who are interested in that sort of thing.  🙂