In case you were wondering if I actually follow my own menu or if I simply put together a menu I hope is impressive and then we eat peanut butter and jelly – here’s some proof:

This is the Veggie Pizza from two weeks ago. In this picture, it’s unbaked. I don’t have a picture from after it was baked because as soon as I pulled it out of the oven and tried to put it on the cutting board to cool, it promptly fell on the floor. It was a sad day. We had dessert pizza for dinner instead, along with the few salvageable pieces from this one.

………………. Here are the pumpkin pancakes I made this week with whipped cream and toasted pecans.  I adapted a recipe I found on when I found the recipe I already had relied on Bisquick pancake mix.  For some reason I am unAmerican and do not like Bisquick pancakes so I always go for the ones from scratch.  These turned out a bit cake-ier than I would have liked, but they had plenty of whipped cream and toasted pecans to make up for it.  Lucky I have about five pounds of shelled pecans from my Georgia trip last spring or those pecans would have cost about two bucks a pancake, I think.

I also have some stellar pictures of bruising from my two hospital stays in the past few months, but I think I’ll save those for a post where food isn’t involved.  We’ll leave it at this – upon showing my dad, he gagged.  Happy weekend, all!