I don’t like making resolutions.  I know that by making them, I’m just setting myself up for failure.  The only thing I have control over that I’ve been able to keep for 12 months other than my husband are my hairstyle and my kickin’ suede boots.  But in looking over our posts and budget, etc, of 2008 in order to write the year in review post…I got a bit depressed.  We started out SO excited for everything that we wanted to happen in 2008 and for most of the year, things just sucked.  The adoption fiasco drained vast reserves of time and energy and enthusiasm out of our lives, not to mention we had major surgeries and enormous financial changes plus – we bought A HOUSE during a recession.  Go us.  Needless to say, I’m feeling we’re a bit more jaded now.  But forget that.  Ol’ 2008 is dead and gone.

We’re back in January, with its slew of Meaden birthdays.  We’re starting this year out similar to where we were in April of last year.  Things are about at that stress level.  We’re having to adjust our budget and live with the belt tucked way tight for this first month in anticipation of financial changes next month (good ones, hopefully).  We’re once again talking about fiddling with my heart medication.  We’re looking at where we might be able to eke out a vacation here and there throughout the year.  And we’re have someone new coming to live at our house.  I’ve been cleaning out the guest room in anticipation (and slight dread).  At least we have the 50″ TV to console us in the next few months as large adjustments are made.

Yep,  my brother is moving in this week.  Yikes.  Two entertainment junkies will be living here, able to team up on me when it comes to video game and movie decisions, input on where we should put things when we re-arrange, what we eat (how much pizza is too much pizza?), and just how loud is “too loud?”  I’m nervous to say the least.  Out of all the potential sibling arrangements, this one may be the best (second to Andrew and Kate) as Andrew and I are both laid-back and get along swimmingly most of the time.  After all, we’ve been around each other the longest out of all our parents’ children.

Also, this year we are supposed to try and get pregnant.  That’s about all the details we know – no whens or…ok, well we know HOW, thankyouverymuch.  But yet another ginormous change for our family.  Changes we can’t even imagine how they’ll change us.

Like I said, we’re at about an April stress level and it’s only January 6th.  Maybe this is just God’s way of letting us have our eyes a bit more open as to what exactly *might* steamroll us this year.  I’m sure there are vast quantities of suck and slightly less vast quantities of happiness that will enter unannounced into our spheres in the next 12 months.  And while I’m not exactly ready, I feel a bit more prepared.

I also feel like I need a Starbucks.