evilsun“When Captain Roger Angmering built himself a house in the year 1782 on the island off Leathercombe Bay, it was thought the height of eccentricity on his part.  A man of good family such as he was should have had a decorous mansion set in wide meadows with, perhaps, a running stream and good pasture.  But Captain Roger Angmering had only one great love, the sea.”

This book was definitely tough for me to enjoy.  We read it aloud, like we do most of the Agatha Christie books we read, so we could glean the little details that you sometimes miss when you read as fast as my husband and I do.  It took us…for.ev.er.  I struggled feeling involved in this story as much as I did the last one, mostly because I had a rather large amount of disgust for the character who was killed off and the majority of the other characters as well.  Arlena wasn’t just empty and flirtatious, she was stupid, which is hard for me to forgive in a novel stuffed full of intelligent characters.

Maybe it’s because I’m a little bit used to Christie’s style of mystery now – and not being a huge mystery novel fan – but both Jason and I found it particularly easy to spot the red herrings Christie left strewn about her plotline, but to be fair, we still didn’t figure out whodunnit, mostly because we didn’t think quite enough out of the box.  It’s not fair when there are two murderers you have to identify.

Other than this, I’m not sure what else you can say about an Agatha Christie novel.  Everyone who has heard of her knows what high caliber her sense of storytelling and detail are, what a great detective Poirot is, and how lovely it is to read her books.  In this one, Poirot has gone on vacation to Leathercombe Bay.  While he is there, former starlet Arlena Marshall takes up with another of the guests (they are both married to other people) and is subsequently murdered.  It seems that everyone and no one had a personal dislike of Arlena – no one particularly cared for her but no one seems to have disliked her enough to kill her.  It’s up to Poirot to solve the case before vacation ends and whoever killed Arlena is free to return home.

“Evil Under the Sun” was written by Agatha Christie and published in 1940.