This is the book that should have received all the frenzied attention that Twilight has gotten. The vampires in it are terrifying, obviously unhuman – not sparkly and swoony. Constantine is written alien-like (and rightly so). Sunshine herself is strong, interesting and sufficiently sarcastic to make this book well-balanced. Sometimes you’re frightened for her, other times, she’s making you laugh with her inner monologue. McKinley does a fantastic job of communicating to us that the relationship between Sunshine and Constantine is an anomaly, the world they live in is very dangerous and there are creatures on both sides who would see them used for their own means. Throughout the entire story, I was desperately hoping for an ending that was somewhat resolved (unlike McKinley’s Pegasus books) and was pretty convinced I wasn’t going to get one.

I’d love to see more books set in this universe. I know McKinley has stated she’s done with Sunshine and Constantine’s story, but I sincerely hope there are more stories to be offered up out of this rich world of magic, vampires, weres, and a section of the police force dedicated to the protection of humanity against Others.

Also, a recipe book? Because I really want to know what Bitter Chocolate Death and those famous cinnamon rolls taste like. The entire book had my mouth watering whenever I read a section set in Charlie’s or as Sunshine was baking.


“Sunshine” was written by Robin McKinley and published in 2004.